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Any sort of gaming really. I was introduced to computer games by Dad when I was 7. I didn’t really understand a lot of the themes, but picked up the game play quite quickly. In 1993 graphics weren’t out of this world. But the game play quality definitely made up for it.

Games included:

- Hack

- Leisuresuit Larry: Looking for Love

- Golden Axe

- Wolfenstein

- Ghostbusters II

- countless other games that I can only remember fragments of (ancient roman empire game, car game with nitros, wheel of fortune game)

Looking back, it was funny to realise my favourite of all these games was Leisuresuit Larry. Essentially its about a guy who’s middle-aged and balding, and really wants a root. You start the game dumped by your girlfriend, then you accidently win a perfect match contest, then the lotto, then you’re being hunted by the KBG, you have to pretend to be a chick to escape them (if you dont get a body wax or put soaps in your bikini top you get sprung) etc etc all the while trying not to catch std’s or be tied up by someone’s mum who’s a dominatrix. ODD!


My gaming evolved when I was 8-10 and spent a lot of time at vacational care during the holidays when Mum and Dad were both at work. Both my older brothers and I dominated the single SNES they had there. The other kids realised they could never be as good as us so never kicked us off. They just all gathered around and watched in awe.

Games included:

- Super Mario Bros

- Super Mario Bros 3

- Earthworm Jim


I can still play the first level of Mario Bros 3 with my eyes closed. Best part is you can download old school Nintendo games ONTO THE WII! So with a quick flip of my wii remote, I can still play it with the same graphics and soundtrack as the early 90’s. Ahh bless.


From 9-12 Dad would work on weekends. This would have been quite dull, except for the part where Dads workers all had link up games on their computers. Each week one of us was allowed to bring a friend, and we would all play against each other for hours. Best Sunday afternoon fun.

Games include:

- Doom

- Duke Nukem 3D

- Heretic


This was the most revolutionary thing we’d done – I never knew link up existed. I always wanted to play co-op, because frankly my brothers were damn good at shoot ‘em ups and I was sick of dying. Playing a lot and getting good came at a curse of course – I was on a date with my 3 week boyfriend in grade 11, and he suggested that we meet up with his mates at a gaming station to play counterstrike. He had no idea I could play, so I feigned dumbness when it came to gaming. “What button do I press to shoot? Who do I kill?” I beat not only him, but all his mates. By a lot. He dumped me.


The pivotal moment in my gaming career was when Dad brought home a Nintendo 64 when I was 11. Not only did I become the most popular girl at school, but I became addicted. This console allowed 4 players so no one ever missed out. It also meant holidays weren’t spent at vacational care anymore, since all we did was play games all day long and persuaded the folks we could look after ourselves.

Games include:

- Mario Kart 64

- Zelda: Ocarina of Time

- NBA Hangtime

- Golden Eye

- Mario 64

- Diddy Kong Racing

- Lylat Wars


By far, the best game I have ever played is Zelda – Ocarina of Time. It will always be my favourite game. Every game I play, I compare it to this one. I think it proved to me that my favourite type of game is 1 player open world adventure. Sigh.


Because of the Nintendo, my family grew a loyalty to the brand like no other. We never bought a Playstation, and to this day still have never owned one.


From 14-20 technology was flowing. Our PC was faster and better than ever before, and many games were added to it. My brother also purchased a gamecube – which seemed like a good idea at the time

Games include:

- Age of Empires

- Heroes of Might and Magic

- Sims


- Super Smash Bros Melee

- Zelda: Windwaker


Then of course, another revolutionary gaming experience occurred when I was 19. Dad purchased World of Warcraft for PC, a massively multi-player online role playing game. I started up a character or two, and my life was over. It was a constant struggle between family member on who would play when. I had it during the day when Dad was at work, he had it at night. It is a game that eats your soul. I would easily play for 7 hours straight, forgetting to eat or live. I have played until 4am in the morning scared to let down the team I was in doing quest after quest. My brother bought a computer a set it up next to the first one so that 2 people could play at a time. I have since stopped playing, but my father has not. He has so many characters, many at maximum levels. He is God.


Now, at 23, I live with my dog in a studio. I bought a Wii 2 years ago, and have recently acquired an Xbox 360.

Games include:

- Zelda: Twilight Princess

- Mario Galaxy

- Mario Party 8

- Star Wars: Forced Unleashed

- Wii Fit


- Guitar Hero: World Tour

- Oblivion

- Fable II

- Lost Odyssey


I’m finding it very difficult to finish a game. My attention span for these games weren’t like they used to be. If I’m stuck, I’ll turn it off and forget about a game for months. There is not one game I’ve completed. I prefer to play 2 player, I last longer this way. My goal now is to finish what I start. My fav game so far is Fable II, I adore everything about it. It isn’t as good as Zelda: OoT, but its damn close.


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5 responses

  1. 20 minutes was a generous statement.

    May 17, 2013 at 7:13 am

  2. so, essentially you’re the perfect woman.

    June 1, 2010 at 5:50 pm

  3. Matt

    Wow, I can’t believe how many games are popular with so many people. I didn’t start gaming ’till I was five with my PS1. And I still can’t blowing every cent I earn on video games. Nintendo will live forever. Sony, hahaha. Ocarina of Time may never disappear, so I thank the heaven above.

    May 30, 2010 at 5:19 pm

  4. That's just legendary..wow. Freakin insane…my mates tease me for having a love for game consoles. I'm not amazing, but I can work my way around things. It's cool to actually read all the things you've got. I do have to say PS3..pretty sweet..graphics are cool.I am in awe.

    August 15, 2009 at 3:26 am

  5. Lost Odyssey and Fable II? You've just made my evening, Ms. Garrett. =DIf you're looking for others to get your game on with, then feel free to add my gamertag on the 360; HileictYou're awesome <3

    August 13, 2009 at 5:59 pm

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