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You Got Game?

A few months ago this ‘self-confessed geek’ did an interview with The Nintendo Basement website. It reveals my history of gaming, as well as where I feel females stand in a heavily male-dominated area.

What do you get when you mash games, music, TV and writing talents into one? You get pure awesome, and a lady with all that and more is none other than the lovely Maude Garrett. You may know her from her various appearances on Nickelodeonprograms such as Sarvo (where she was co-host with Kyle Linahan), and Camp Orange (another successful Nickelodeon kids reality TV show). Along the ride she’s also collected a whole host of awards for her work, with more to surely be coming her way in the future.

Recently TNB had the opportunity to have a chat to Maude, and here’s how it went down!

For more, check out http://www.thenintendobasement.com/2010/01/features/interview-maude-garrett/

The bomber gets BOMBED!

The day: Anzac Day, 2010.

The time: 5.25pm.

The act: The photo bomber herself – gets bombed by a random.

Part of me is thrilled that the art of photo bombing is coming into fruition. It is blooming at an alarming rate, and people aren’t too fussed to wreck a photo at the expense of their own dignity. Praise to that!

But a part of me is shattered that I could get bombed. Not just a subtle bombing – I got bombed BAD. I feel so vulnerable. It’s like everything I’ve been dishing out is being forced back onto myself.


Nom nom nom BOMB

Ahhh dear.

I’m at it again. Not even gorgeous Nikki Phillips is safe from me.

This was taken at the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy Collection launch at Icebergs.

Tri my best

I’ve been playing Monster Hunter Tri – exclusive to the Wii – for 22 hours now. I tell you what, there is a love/hate relationship with this game.

I love the graphics (think Final Fantasy XII). I love the RPG element where you can custom make your character. I love the simplicity of direction this game takes you, so you’re never lost or waste time trying to navigate around the game. I love that your strengths, attacks etc don’t rise during the game, but your weapons and armour instead. And I love that these can only be upgraded from the materials you collect from hard bosses, thus keeping at par with where you are in the game. I love that they have made a Monster Hunter Wikipedia online.


I hate the Royal Ludroth. I hate how when I’m trying to trap the Qurupeco, he calls on his mega buddy Rathian to wipe me out instantly. I hate that I’m not killing these monsters in my first attempt! They’re really damn hard! I have nearly thrown my wiimote through my tv screen a couple of times!

I need more patience. I need to breathe. I need to not get so frustrated when I faint 3 times even though the boss is WEAK and LIMPING. I need to harvest herbs to make an insane number of potions.

I need to play more right now.

22 hours, and counting. I’m only a sixth of the way in, and that’s not including online play at all.

Cancel my meetings, turn off my phone. This game is turning into my life.

Let me know how you’re trekking with it!

Go on, get your hunt on.

Hello DAARRRRLING! Air Kisses!


This is a big thing for me. For a whole week, fashionistas take charge and dominate with quirky and original outfits, the rate it or hate it lists flourish and people even stop eating.


How the hell can I even compete with this? I had my DSi in my bag the entire time and could only focus on what to do now that I’ve beaten the forest temple boss in Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

But in the 6 shows I saw, I saw hits and misses (bah – like I can talk on this matter). I managed to be seated front row at all of them – and watched everyone over the other side of the catwalk query who I was and why the hell I was there. I know right?!  I heartily absorbed the reactions of the people who asked “So Maude, what do you do now?” and to which I simply reply  ‘Gaming’. AWESOME.

I dressed up every day I was there. I tried to manage my unmanageable hair. I rounded my O’s when I spoke them. I caught my reflection on purpose when walking past glass panes. Every time I looked around, someone was looking at me. It was like each person was a feature in a museum and all had to be scanned and assessed. AND IT WAS SO COOL!

My favourite show was Rachael Gilbert. She knows how to make a gown. I was lucky enough to be able to wear her creation to the show. Hells to the yes. The goodie bag was insane too. Everything from candles to protein powder for women! I can scent the air while repairing my muscle tissue – all thanks to fashion week (and Sweaty Betty PR who put the whole thing together).

That’s all from me and RAFW. Air kisses darling! MWUAH


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