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It’s-a me! Mario!

I recently had the pleasure of hosting the launch of the New Super Mario Galaxy 2 game. Nearly 200 guests boarded themselves onto the most epic boat with floor to ceiling glass walls allowing a near 360 view of the entire harbour. This boat was appropriately named the ‘Starship’, so fitting with the LAUNCH of Mario GALAXY. So after a countdown, we rocketed into ‘orbit’ (puns aplenty!) to kick off the event. There were several Wii’s set up on large TV’s for the guests to have an exclusive go on the game nearly a month before its release.

I had committed a solid amount of hours to the first Mario Galaxy, collecting 92 of the 120 stars. It gets so freaking hard near the end! Springy Mario was the reason behind my demise, I would endlessly spring myself into oblivion. So imagine how excited I was to find out the sequel had new Mario suits and EXTRA CHARACTERS to help out! This time round you can ride Yoshi who has his own delicious treats to help you locate and collect the many more stars around the many more galaxies.  Also, the second player option has a much larger role! As well as collecting star bits and holding off enemies, they can now destroy enemies, collect coins and 1ups! This means better game play for the second player since they have a more crucial role.

While testing out the games, Ministry of Sounds DJ Goodwill was able to exclusively mix Mario tracks and sound effects into a live set. This was definitely a high-light for me. He managed to mix Empire of the Suns ‘Walking on a Dream’ fluidly with Super Mario Bros soundtrack, all the while throwing in warp pipe, 1up, Yoshi and coin sound effects.  Heaven to geek ears.

Mario himself worked the crowd, getting his photo taken and even jumping into the DJ booth with DJ Goodwill to have a boogie. That princess rescuing plumber sure learnt some moves!

Overall it was a fantastic night, with 3 of the guests taking home a copy of the game to play it before it hits the shelves.

I scored a game too – and have taken advantage of the awful weather to put away around 15 hours on it. 47 stars and counting.

“Im-a Mario! I’m-a gonna win!”

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