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We all scream for E3!





Yes, this was my reaction once I’d watched the E3 conferences for Xbox, Sony and Nintendo, read every tweet posted from the convention and viewed every trailer.


SO MUCH STUFF!! Now that I’ve finally managed to shut my gaping jaw I’m going to give you the run down of the future releases I’m getting the cold sweats over.

1. Xbox Slim

Well hello there, Xbox. I see what you’ve done here, and I like it.

It now boasts the following:

–       Sleek black new design, as well as white

–       250G hard drive


–       Whisper quiet

–       Comes with Kinect

I’m so glad Xbox realised they needed a built-in wifi. I absolutely loathe this mega long horrendous cord that wraps around my room in order to connect my console online. I’m paying for my subscription to be online… yet having to connect it so makes me rather go without.

I’m also stoked about the larger space on the hard drive. It just means saving money on buying an external hard drive separately. I’m fast running out of room on my Xbox at the moment and need that extra 250G right now!

I’m not too impressed with the new ‘sleek black’ design, the original Xbox was black so it’s not really moving forward. Besides, Wii, known for having an all-white design, have already taken the move to the dark side.

My Xbox roars when loading and running, so much so that I have to turn the volume up to cover it up. So the promise of ‘whisper quiet’ excites me. It is also rumoured that you will never, ever see the dreaded RING OF DEATH (the red ring that should be green), so it won’t freeze and shut off on you. Mid-game. Pre-save. Game fail. Phewf!

Let’s talk Kinect. Formerly Project Natal, Kinect is the new revolution in gaming that we’ve been waiting for since the introduction of the motion-sensor by Nintendo’s Wii. There are already 15 titles that have already been announced, and there are even more than will be Kinect compatible – like Fable III.


Yeah, I said it. FABLE EFFING THREE. I’m THAT excited for this! I remember buying my first boyfriend a copy of Fable for Xbox back in ’05, thinking I was the most tops gf ever. Turns out I would kick him off so I could play my character, so maybe not so girlfriend-of-the-year after all. Fable II was my game of the year pick for ’09. I would spend countless hours playing it and never getting sick of what I was doing, whether it was medial runs to kill thieves or exploring a new mansion and altering the story-line completely. Or sacrificing my own children (am I right, Danny?). All in all, I’m so super excited for Fable III, and I want you to be too. Here’s the trailer for you to froth on.


2. Nintendo 3DS

I’ve got Nintendo DS, Dsi and Dsi XL, so naturally I NEED the new Nintendo 3DS.

I’d heard about Nintendo 3DS with not much knowledge behind it, bar the fact that you don’t need glasses. I couldn’t really comprehend that notion. 3D = dodgy glasses! How did they get around this? To tell the truth, I still don’t know that answer. But I DO know that after seeing the conference, I was so psyched. They’re also going to bring out Nintendo classics on the 3DS in – you guessed it – 3D! Titles like Zelda: Ocarina of Time (my most favourite game ever) will be remade and reworked for the 3DS. Kill me now, I’ve peaked with happiness.

Watch the video to get a complete understanding of the new handheld console including the 2 cameras that can take pictures in 3D and other new functions!



3. New games

The games that have been announced that I am losing it over it, of course, Fable III, but also the new Zelda (duh) and Final Fantasy XIV.

Being a massive Zelda fan, It’s obvious that I am in complete and utter anticipation over the new Zelda game for Wii. Named Zelda: Skyward Sword, the game is using the Wii motion sensor to put the player into the character of Link but using the wii-mote as your sword, and the nunchuck as your shield. The rumour is that there is no longer and arm-thrashing combat, but the need for specific actions to achieve the desired movement. Hey, I might even grow new muscles playing this. That can’t be such a bad thing, right? Check out the trailer (and enjoy the mini-montage of previous Zelda instalments)


After playing 62 hours of Final Fantasy XII (and counting) and spending around the same trying to figure out FFXIII (what a difference between the games! I was suss on FFXIII at first but now am falling in love with Snow, -I mean – the game) I’m now really looking forward to where the direction of this next FF will go. It seems that it is going back to the ‘fantasy’ roots instead of continuing down the biotech sci-fi theme that FFXIII underwent (phewf!). It also looks like this game is going to be one huge MMO – since ‘Online’ is written under the title. This is a good thing, especially since the Xbox Slim has wifi and the FF series is extended to Xbox. YIPPEEEE!

Trailer here


What were your thoughts on the E3 announcements? What are you changing your pants over?

Would love to know! Comment below or ask me on Formspring – http://www.formspring.me/maudegarrett

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2 responses

  1. I, too, loved Nintendo’s conference. I thought the speaker was well paced and very engaging. They had a few troubles demoing Zelda which was a little heart-breaking, but there were so many “ooooh” moments that I thought it took the cake. Yes, Kid Icarus looks hawt. I love that they’re bringing back the classics that we’ve already fallen in love with.

    Microsoft have finally unveiled what Project Natal was all about – I’m I’m excited for it. I love that they’ve packaged it with the new Slim, it means if you didn’t have an Xbox before, you can guarantee you will soon. I’m hoping to upgrade asap. Their third party titles are the ones to watch too – but these are also avail on PS3.

    Speaking of the PS3, it’s as if they’re set on taking out every competition on the market – from the Wii (with Playstation Move) to iPods, movie rentals and TV. The console pretty much does it all now! They claim that ‘games is just the beginning’- so it’s not so much the gaming aspect, but everything else too. This will appeal largely to families who want Blu-Ray, games and the rest. The speaker at this conference was probably the weakest of the three – I could tell he was crapping himself.

    All up I’m just damn excited to have a go at everything myself!

    June 21, 2010 at 11:18 am

  2. Daryl

    from you’re list I pretty much agree with everything… except well Fable, don’t know why but I have never had the urge to try or buy that game… but if you’re singing it’s praises… maybe.

    after seeing Bear’s latest tweet I’m sure his game will rock my socks off (ha! or suck the big one see: Ke$ha)

    beyond that, I know I’m excited for Halo: Reach, COD, Metal Gear Solid: Rising looks schmick as shiz, Gears of War 3, will definitely be upgrading the Xbox. But I dunno Kinect, PS3 3D & Move just don’t scream BUY ME!! Hopefully something pops out that blows me away!

    Oh did I mention the trailer for Kid Icarus looks fanfriggintastic and a half and that’s without seeing it in 3D!? Consider that bought.

    Overall loved the Conferences, if I had to pick a winner… honestly I think Nintendo (Donkey Kong Country Returns and GoldenEye Reboot will hopefully be the biznatch) won out of the three. But that’s clearly a personal opinion, your thoughts on teh best Conference?

    June 17, 2010 at 8:33 pm

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