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There are many photo bombing sites out there, with many photos posted up (namely thisisphotobomb.com). With so many sites and photos, the meaning of the ‘photo bomb’ is getting lost. Here is the low down on all the different types, and to clearly show what is – and isn’t – a proper photo bomb.

The Intentional Bomb

The bomber is aware of the photo being taken, and goes out of their way to ruin the photo. The give away is the eye-contact and face-pulling.

The Unintentional Bomb

Where someone or something is in the background of the shot and is either ‘caught out’, walking past or just far more entertaining than what the photo is supposed to be of.

The Foreground Bomb

Where the bomber jumps in front of the group shot last second

The Animal Bomb

Where an animal is the one doing the bombing

The ‘What Happens Next?’ Bomb

The person in the foreground of the shot has no idea what is happening behind them

Sorry Renee..

The Celeb-Bomb

More and more of these are popping up. It’s funny if they get bombed, but even funnier when they are doing the bombing.

Probably the first celeb-bomb documented – go Sir Paul!



Jake Gyllenhaal owning Uma.




Tom DeLong

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

Shaun White bombs his own segment

Zac Efron bombs his girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens

Michael Cera seems to be a serial offender…

The Vom-Bomb

Not for the weak-stomached. Pics speak for themselves… and then some

You getting an idea of what real photo bombs are?

For example, this IS a photo bomb

This is NOT a photo bomb. (Funny, yes, but is the subject of the photo)

This is

This isn’t. (Pulling a face when everyone smiles is not bombing)

This is my favourite bomb. Ever.

Yes, I get bombed too

Channel [V]‘s Kyle Linahan

Here are some photo bombs you’ve sent in to me

Sneaky Bomb

Side Bomber

Rude Bomber

The Bomber Darrrling

Pics obtained from:

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2 responses

  1. Side bomber and your favourite are so funny. XD

    July 7, 2010 at 11:06 am

  2. This had me in stitches.

    You funny lady, Maude Garrett!

    July 6, 2010 at 10:14 pm

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