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Splendour season is upon us.

The timetable has been highlighted. The sleeping bags have been thrust out of hibernation. The winter warmers getting packed.

My day-by-day band run will be:


Violent Soho – Brissy band who got their girlfriend stolen by Jesus. Way harsh.

Dan Sultan – who was so pissed at the Astra Awards he had to pike minutes before. Let him rock now!

School of Seven Bells – from NY with hot twin girls in the band. Why not?

British India – seen this Melbourne band plenty of times and they always get me fist pumping dammit. My fav song, dance included ‘Tie up my hands’

Washington – Megan’s debut album will bereleased on the first day of the festival – she’s sure to be good. Looking forward to ‘Clementine’

Yeasayer – Brooklyn band with an interesting sound. Think experimental rock/psychedelic pop. Or instead of actually having to think, just click below on their song (warning – there is a little nudity :s)

Little Red – Brissie boys bringing back the 50’s poppy harmonies. Watch for Taka on the drums, he makes me smile. Be sure to have your bottle of ‘Ice Cold Cola’ on stand by -

Sally Seltmann – loved her as New Buffalo, she’s got an angelic voice. Replaced The Midde East who pulled out (-5 points). Her song below ‘Cheer me up’ was when she was New Buffalo. Such a beautiful song, I wouldn’t be disappointed if you had this song on repeat. Forever.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – first time I’m seeing this San Fran band even though they established more than a decade ago. I don’t even care that they were on the New Moon soundtrack. Just bring it.

Hot Chip – Will be watching them ‘support’ LCD Soundsystem the Monday before Splendour. Gotta love a double dose. ‘Over & Over was actually my song of last years Splendour, so I’m pretty pumped I get to actually see it live :D

A & J Stone – Good to shift back into cruise control with these Northern Beach siblings

LCD Soundsystem – hoping frontman James Murphey will dedicate ‘Drunk Girls’ to me. Rumoured to be the last time they play. Ever.

Scissor Scissors – Why the eff not? Film clip not for the dainty


Jonathan Boulet – seen him recently, LOVE the way these boys use percussion = great noise. This is just a community service announcement -

Band of Skulls – first time this UK trio has hit Aus, SO EXCITED! Their album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey, is one of my faves of 2010

A song I’m really looking forward to see from these guys is Honest

… and Impossible

Oh Mercy – From Melb. Worth watching for the cool chickie bassist who oozes chic rock class. Below = Get You Back

Two Door Cinema Club – First timers with this band too. I promise I will go OFF to these guys. A real life promise. And no, I didn’t know Ronald Weasley was a singer in this band either. Listen to Undercover Martyn -

John Steele Singers – More brissie kids! The last time I saw these guys they had peeps dancing on the stage with horse heads. Yes. This song ‘Rainbox Kraut’ is a 10/10 song. Gets stuck in my head for all the right reasons.

Philly Jays – Love the way this Sydney trio play live. Poor things have just been O/S touring, fingers crossed they’ve still got their punch. Let me introduce to you Berkfinger and MC Bad Genius. Watch ‘Going to the Casino’ and spot Dan Williams on the drums. He was in the band before he left them for Art vs Science. Snap.

Delphic – First timer to this band too, a handful of songs I will be jumping repeatedly up and down to Counterpoint

Operator Please – YEEAAAHHH BOI!! Just of their latest album ‘Gloves’ tour, these guys don’t just bring it, they ARE it. The whole band are babes. It’s logic.

Bluejuice –  Always please me when they play. Fingers crossed for more yellow body suit action. Vitriol is a bloody funny clip

Magic Numbers – My brother’s second favourite band on this list after Cloud Control. Excited to find out why.This song ‘I see you, you see me’ is so darn cute. J adore.

Laura Marling – Who I just found out is dating the lead singer of Mumford & Sons! Aw too cute. Play Ghosts to make me happy.

Art V Science – 3 words. MAGIC. EFFING. FOUNTAIN

Florence & machine – I’m getting a tad over this 2-note wonder, but am interested to see her perform live. Not interested remotely in You Got the Love. Will stick to Dog Days are Over thanks.

Band of horses – Been abusing their songs on my ipod for years. First time I’m going to see them. Hold me. Song I’m looking forward to is General Specific

STROKES – hell to the yeahhhhhhh every song is a hit!


Boy & Bear – uber cute local kids, they’re only going to get bigger! What a freak out I had when I watched this clip – the main guy in it is the first boy who taught me how to use my heart. Small world.

The Mess Hall – make great noise for just 2 peeps. They love cowbell as much as me = win.

Cloud Control – These Blue Mountain kids are EPIC. You can’t NOT like their music. But you CAN not like their keyboardist. Don’t know what it is about her, but she annoys the hell out of me. Stop smiling so much.

Miike Snow – His songs are so darn catchy. He does them so well! Really looking forward to Animals and Black & Blue

Whitley – He keeps threatening to pack up and leave to go overseas traveling. I believe him, and will watch him with the constant thought this is the last time. Looking forward to Head First Down

The Vines – just because my boyfriend froths. Hard. Am expected to be front & centre for this. Eep.

Passion Pit – 3rd time I’ve seen them this year alone, but will not be sick of them.

Mumford & Sons – Haven’t seen them yet! Can’t wait to tick this box.

So there it is!

Will write back with how it all went. Wish me luck.

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3 responses

  1. Sweet Jesus! Goldfrapp aren’t even on the main stage. Surely that’s a glitch.
    They’re only really up against Mumford and Sons. Yawn. Maude I hope you have good reason for not seeing them?

    I’m not usually one to force my opinion upon people or pass it as fact, but Goldfrapp ARE amazing and you WILL be grateful you saw them.

    July 26, 2010 at 1:46 pm

  2. Before lose my cool and reply with a “What? No Goldfrapp?” comment, I will first check the lineup for conflicts. BRB.

    July 26, 2010 at 1:34 pm

  3. FifteenJugglers

    What, no Pixies?

    July 23, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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