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I’m now the proud owner of these sexy kicks. They’re called Society. Otherwise known as the most rad double velcro-strapped goodness of shoe.

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Exclusive interview with BIG BOI from Outkast!

Today I had the chance to talk to Big Boi, one half of Outkast about the amazing launch of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, where he will perform.

Who would have thought this guy was so into not just his gaming, but Star Wars too! Incredible!



Hello buddy, thanks for chatting with me

Not a problem at all

So it’s 6.30 am here – what time is it where you are?

Oh nothing bad, only like 1-something in the afternoon? Nearly 2? So it’s not too bad.

You’ve recently come out to Australia, what’s your trip been like so far?

Oh yeah its been great. Been on tour with Neyo and T.pain. I did Melbourne, Perth, Sydney you know travelled around on this tour. It’s been lot of fun, its been great I really love Australia.

So your Frequent Flyers must be going well then?

Yeah you know what I’m saying, they going good, getting lots of those (chuckles)

So you’re heading back to Aus soon to promote the new Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Tell me, are you into video games?

Yeah, yeah you know Madden?

Yes, the NFL game

Yeah yeah those, I love those games. Been playing them heaps lately, that’s my game, you know?

But Need for Speed is totally new. I mean when I come out there, we’re going to bring my favourite things together. Music, games, cars, all those things combined. And we gonna make it funky. You see the promotion (of the game) don’t stop there – it’s a car show too. So there’s going to be performance cars, 80 of the most exotic cars there.

What’s your favourite car?

I like the classics, you know the Cadillac’s,  the Chevrolets you know the real classic style. But sports cars are good too, the Trans Ams, and Mustangs.

What car did you play on Need for Speed?

Oh you know,  I like to play with the Lamborghini, (laughs) you know something with a lil speed.

So when was the first time you picked up a console and went for gold?

Played for the first time as a kid. Like most people you know, when you’re a kid you start on whats out there. So for me it was like the Ataris, the first ones round, then when you get older you move on to the better stuff, so the Sony Playstation, and the Dreamcast, coz by then the games are getting really good and the graphics you know, way more advanced. It’s better now.

What is your console of choice?

For me? I like the Playstation 3 you know, that’s what I have.

What is it that you like about it?

Well, I like that it got Blu-Ray DVD, it’s user friendly and easy to work, even though I had to get my kids to show me how to set it up (laughs)

What is it about Need for Speed that made you want to jump on board?

Well, it was lucky really, coz I was approached by EA and had just put out the album. And they knew about my love for cars, so it made sense for sure that I’m with it.  So I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be out in Aus on November 18 exclusively for EA’s game launch.

Excited to come back even though you’ve just been here?

Yes yes it’s a great place, I don’t mind coming back at all, everyone is so nice and friendly, it’ll be great to come back.

So you’ve had time to play the game then?

Oh yea! Been playing it, really like the game.

Have you played previous games from the series?

Yeah I played quite a few. I like racing games, I like a lot of games!

Ever finished a game?

Oh yeah you know I finished a few, games like Legends of Zelda –

Me: (interrupting) The Legend of Zeda: Ocarina of Time? That’s my favourite game!

Yeah well it’s coz it’s a good game!

What do you like about it?

Well I love that you gotta find everything, there are different levels and stages and you gotta beat the boss to move on, I love that you get weapons, it’s all about the adventure, you know, getting stuck on a level for 3 weeks and having to think of different ways to get past it. You gotta think! Gotta use your brain!

Other games you’ve finished?

Oh yeah plenty, plenty. Games like Mario bros, Metroid, those adventure games are my favourite.

Who’s you’re fav character – were you more Sonic or Mario?

Oh Mario for sure. But only coz I started playing Mario first. I mean, Sonic was pretty cool, but by the time he came out it was a bit kiddy for me.

So it’s all about the Plumber?

Yeah, we come to FIX the SINK!

But this be all about my game here, so I just wanna say that Australia – the people of Australia, they need to go to Need for Speed to get tickets to the concert. So if they order the game and buy the game, they get the chance to come to the concert. You gotta go to www.nfsontour.com.au and come and see Big Boi live! Not just that, there’s a car show over 80 of the most exotic cars out there, I’ll be there playing about an hour set, you know, two turntables and a microphone, with the funky beats. It’s everything, music, gaming and cars. Everyone wants to experience the big thing.

Sounds great, maybe I can challenge you in the game?

Yeah you got it

Let’s talk about your music. Who were the artists over the years that have made you sit up straight and notice music in a different way?

Sigh – thinks.

Well you know there are plenty of people that have made me appreciate what they do with music, people like George Clinton, UGK, A Tribe called quest, De la soul…. But also bands like Nirvana, Metallica, Guns and roses…

You know you gotta look at what the people like, coz they like it for a reason. Everyone has something new and fresh to offer.

You’ve worked extensively with Andre 3000 during the Outkast days, he’s not on this album… was it like making music with your left arm missing?

Not really… I mean Andre is on there (the album) as a producer – but it wasn’t my decision to not have him there. Def Jam, the record label was set on it being a solo album for me so it wasn’t my call. But you know, Andre and I have done some tracks, there are two tracks that are available on-line for free at the moment – one called royal flush.

Is there any chance of another Outkast album?

Yeah, oh yes Dre is working his stuff on the album now, writing some great stuff, so when I get back we’ll drop the tracks, it’ll be good. There will be a lot of new tracks

What can we expect?

Expect the unexpected, you know what I’m saying? That’s what it’s about

Have you heard Aus rockers The Vines infamous cover of Ms Jackson?

Oh Yes I’ve Def heard it, it’s jamming! You know, it’s probably my favourite cover of the song.

How many covers are floating around out there?

Yeah you know, a couple, fans have recorded them and put them up, but yeah, something about this cover I really like. When The Vines play it its jamming. You know its like

“iiii amm for reeeeeeeeeeeaalll” (sings really slowly and whiney, draws the words out)

Both laugh

Where the hell did you come up with this album name?

Yeah well, it comes from a nickname you see, St Lucius Left Foot is like Star Wars, when Luke Sywalker becomes a Jedi, and that journey he’s on. Coz this here, it’s only going to be here for a minute, so you just need to be in your Jedi stance.

Have you ever tried to do a Jedi Mind trick?

(Laughs) Nah

Not really – keep in the physical, keep it REAL!

What about lightsabers, if you’re into your Star Wars, have you ever played with a lightsaber?

Oh yes. I definitely have a lightsaber, I got them in all colours, every single one. I was lucky enough to take the family to Disney World where they had the Star Wars exhibit and we bought them all and me and my kids were playing with them all

What is it about Star Wars that you love so much?

Well like I said with the album name, I love the journey from Luke, I mean he starts of as a normal guy, just a citizen you know, and there’s this growth into something better, he finds who he really is and what his purpose is. I like that journey.

My mum took me to see Empire Strikes Back when I was a kid and ever since then I was hooked, just got so hooked in the movies, I’d watch them all -

Wait – you started off watching the second movie first?

Well yeah, I went to see that at the movies, and it all went from there.

But you know that ESB is probably the weakest of all the three – in my opinion

Well yeah, but you start there, then watch the others and you realise it only just gets better and better, then there are the prequels, and the prequels prequel…

But its about the underlying meaning in the movie you know, so many powerful themes.

What do you think about the new kids at the mo – Kid Cudi, B.o.B, Wale etc?

Yeah, you know B.o.B is definitely one to look for – I mean he’s featured on my album, he does a track for me and I’ve done a remix for them, so we worked together a lot. You know. He’s a talented kid and you gotta keep a watchful eye out coz they’re the ones hitting the scene and they’re pretty good.

I’m curious to know, how did you get the name Big Boi?

It was a nickname for me you know, back in the day, at school, the nickname came from me doing lots of push ups, so I had me a strong back, strong shoulders and neck, so when they see me I was big. It’s all about POWER

And Boi is spelt with an ‘i’ not a ‘y’, so help me out with this. Is it to be pronounced BOIII?

Boaaayyy yeah like that, it’s like BOAY laughs

Wait, am I doing it right? B-O-A-Y

Yeah that’s it girl, you got it! BOI! BOI!

With that name, is there are pressure to be a Big Boy your whole life?

Nah not at all – just all about making funky music, funky tunes and creating music, new music all the time. Hopefully inspiring others too.

Tell me about your obsession with Pitballs. Your twitter background is of them, and you breed them also?

Oh yeah well my Grandad was a hunter, he was a good hunter and he used to have those dogs. And me and my siblings used to take care of those dogs. So I fell in love with them ages ago. My brother and I started a kennel where we breed dogs. We’ve been doing that for 15 years now.

How many dogs would you have bred?

Oh, hundreds? Thousands? Yeah bred a lot.

What about your dogs. Have you got any of your own?

Yeah my favourite is my house dog, his name is Bleed. He’s one of the pure bred pitbulls. But got another house dog, his brother. He’s a teacup Yorkie, he’s tiny. His name is Tank, he only about 3-4 pounds

Thanks so much for chatting with my Big BBOOII, looking forward to getting our game on in November!

Yes Yes! November 18! Tell everyone to get their tickets by ordering the game on nfsontour.com.au!

True… Mud?

If you find True Blood just a little too camp, too bloody, too raunchy, too MUCH….

then this is for you!

Sesame Street has done a hilarious spoof

Get your wand ready

Harry Potter Trailers

Part 1

Part 2


Quiksilver Women launch @ Beach Burrito

Nikki Phillips, myself and Airlie Walsh

When an event is at Beach Burrito in Bondi Beach, you just know those margaritas are going to be out in full force. Luckily for me, Roxy Jacenko who’s the mastermind behind power PR company Sweaty Better, loves this place. And since she’s hosting this party, she gets to choose. WIN! ….

The crowd were a mix of journalists (namely from Channel 9’s ACA and Today Show), PR gals, Bondi Lifeguards, the face of the campaign Emma Giles (who had a flirtatious photo session at the beginning of the night – see below) and of course a pro-surfer in there for good measure.

Emma Giles

I met the head of Quiksilver who had invited me up to the Quiksilver Pro at Snapper to see first hand how the tournament goes. Being a Queenslander myself, I’m really looking forward to it! Will report more on this when/if I get there (a BIG if – let’s be realistic here…).

The other highlight of the night was model, ambassador and jewellery designer Nikki Phillips sneaking a burrito in her bag to scoff down at a later time. I can write this now because it has been opening leaked in the weekend’s paper! I’m her guilty accomplice, yet I feel no guilt. Do you have any idea how good those damn burritos are?

Dj Minx = BABE

Tunes of the night were spun by Quiksilver/Roxy ambassador DJ Minx – who has to be the hottest DJ going around.

Overall a great night! Prizes like Olympus cameras, trips to QLD, cases of Corona and a Quiksilver voucher (won by Nikki) were up for grabs. I walked away empty handed but with a full gut, which, if you think about it, is a prize in itself!

Ocarina love!

This video combines my two favourite things. Ocarinas, and Super Mario Bros music!

Can’t wait for

Fable III

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Final Fantasy XIV

But the two most epic clips are:

Dragon Age II

How much have the graphic improved! Incredible attention to detail. And new fighting techniques. Much love


Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood

The graphics are mind-blowing, the story-telling is thrilling.

All night long! All night

This’ll make you smile

Old Spice is the New Spice

These ads are just hilarious

Princess Bride

Ahhh nostalgia. It’ll do weird things to you. Like posting up random pics of one of your fav movies in the world. Enjoy.

Happy 25th Mario!

Through the ages.

Now cue the embarrassing speeches…

Just watch


Call me cheap…

But 7-11 have $1 days!

Apparently one was yesterday (FAIL) but there’ll be another one on the 23rd of Sept!

Details here with what items are only $1!

I’m talking chocolate bars, Twisties, Drumsticks, DONUTS!


Operator Please’s new track revels in an epic play on words.

Enjoy it!

When I challenged Andrew Bogut…and lost

The launch of EA NBA Elite 11 was a hoot. I was asked to step in and challenge Aussie NBA Pro Andrew Bogut from the Milwaukee Bucks, who featured in the game.

Sure, I say. He’s going down. I’m going to own all 7 feet of him and make him cry publicly. OF COURSE I was all talk.

This is me psyching him out with EA’s Cameron Jenkins

Note Cam and I are standing on steps, Andrew is not

Turns out he knew a thing or two about basketball (whodathunk?) and proceeded to destroy me in front of everyone.

So I pulled out a few secret moves of my own. Yes, they were cheap.

But hey, if you can’t see the screen, you can’t play! It worked. I scored. And let him know it.

He ended up beating me in the end. By a considerable amount. Good on him, it would have looked awfully bad if he sucked at the sport he plays professionally.

You can probably tell that we trashed talked each other the entire night. But let me be the one to say he was very admirable, very funny, was a good sport and I’m glad I was able to play against him.

But in this picture, we are both only smiling on the outside. I’m pretty sure he wanted to put me in a headlock and noogie me to death.

Much love!

Brush with my crush

That last blog made me reminisce on the most glorious and yet regrettable moment of my life.

The time when I actually met Ryan Gosling.

So when I say met, it’s more like just looking at each other, which is more powerful than you might think.

So much so, that I wrote this excerpt from a memoir a few years ago. I re-read it just now, and have re-fallen in love with ‘that special moment’ all over again. Enjoy it as much as I did.

The worst/best reaction i’ve probably had to anything was the movie ‘the notebook’. not only is it the ONLY movie that is actually better than the book (the book plainly sucked in comparison) but it drew an emotion so deep from me that it shook me to the core. it displaced my sense of being. it made me think i could never love the way they could. it made me feel so empty yet so complete. it made me cry for 5 hours straight (no word of a lie) and it made me realise that i could never love anyone except ryan gosling.

so imagine my reaction the day i saw ryan gosling. the month was august. the time was dusk in summer, a warm yet refreshing breeze caressing the skin. the setting was hermosa beach, in los angeles, California. I was with my boyfriend at the time with his 2 american friends and their neighbour. we were to eat at the local irish pub near the main promenade. it was a lovely walk from their house to the venue. there were quite a few people out and about due to exceptional weather and the opening of a new restaurant/bar a few doors down. we were walking down the main promenade walk when a cute and mysterious guy stared at me when riding his bike. his stare was so captivating that i could only look back with an intensity of my own. the eyes were nearly shielded by his hoodie that was pulled up over his head, blocking a lot of his identity. our gazes followed right up until he passed me. the wind was knocked from my body, i tried to find my breath again. i stopped where i was, turned to my boyfriend and grabbed his arm. ‘I think that was ryan gosling’ i managed to choke. he turned to look behind me, and said in a non-perplussed way ‘yeah, it is. and he’s checking you out.’

faster than possible i whipped around to confirm what he was saying. there he stood, dismounted from his bike, his feet grounded either side. he was looking right at me. slowly, he pulled his hood down to reveal his face. to show me it was him. and so i could clearly see the subtle cheeky smile he was wearing. thousands of thoughts flooded my mind instantly, from ‘ohmygodohmygod’ to ‘i can die happy’. but the most prominent was ‘mark is my cousin. i can tell him mark is my cousin.’ my mind was formulating a plan to figure out a reason why i was in america and at the same time ditch my boyfriend. and in all fairness, everyone has THAT list. you know, the list that states the celebrity that, if given the chance and it could actually happen, you were allowed immunity from the relationship so you could have a good (or exceptionally great) time with said celebrity. He was my number 1 on that list. surely my boyfriend would get this. but how could i approach the only man i could ever really love? how could i make him see he could only ever really love me? rachel mcwho? it was too much for me to handle. the rest of the group were walking on. the moment was leaving as fast as it came. should i leave my friends and walk over to ryan, who was now standing with 2 friends? what would i say? i’d be one of THOSE girls, and for the thousandth time in his life i would gush at him like a lusty teen. how was i any different from the others? i couldnt be that girl. i continued to walk to the pub with my friends, all the while glancing backward at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was escaping through my fingers. i made an obvious point to stand outside the pub to peruse the chalkboard menu while my friends all went to grab a table. i looked back trying to get him to see where i was eating, with the rare hope that he’d get the hint and come to the same pub to maybe want to talk to me, buy me an ale and share the introductory conversations that would shape us forever. but there was nothing. he was talking to his friends. i was a distant memory. oddly, deep inside i knew i was satisfied that i’d even just been able to see him. to share a glance. to have that moment forever. the rest of the night passed in a blur. i kept replaying the moment over and over. breaking it down microsecond at a time. the menu infront of me just a blur of letters. my stomach rejecting the idea that any food interrupt the butterflies that still flew around. i barely spoke, and when i attempted to, all that came out was a barely audible ‘ryan’, followed by a hugh sigh. it was one of the best things that happened to me.

Maude + Ryan = Forever



My mouth fell open when I saw these. I’ve loved Ryan Gosling for many-a year now (since Young Hercules days). This only makes me love him more. And be even more jealous of Michelle Williams. First Heath, now this? YOU WERE STILL IN DAWSONS CREEK SHELLY GIRL! I’ll never forget!

Who am I kidding. She looks phenomenal. They reek of hotness.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood


What a game. Visually it is breath taking. The graphics are so rich and extensive. The game play is some-what linear, non-confusing and exciting. The way the character moves is so fluid and graceful. The game creates tension in the drop of a hat.

Hell. Yeah.

8-bit tie!!!

How good is this!?

Geeks will be fighting over fashion for what may be the first time in order to get their hands on this 8-bit tie.

Best part is, my friend Jess (who pretty much wrote/produced Camp Orange: Final Frontier with me) has started up her very own website where she is importing the best finds on the internet RIGHT HERE on www.materialist.com.au which means many awesome, crazy, whacky presents (such as the 8-bit tie) that NO ONE ELSE knows about, and NO ONE ELSE would think about, are all here in the one little website.

It’s all early days, but you can email her now (email is on the website) to order your very own 8-bit tie! Comes in red and blue.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other rad little trinkets and treasures Jess discovers on the big bad web to import to us thirsty nerd people.

It seriously is the place to go when you want to buy a gift for the person who has everything.

Best of luck to Jess and materialist.com.au!

Can’t wait to Cos!

Cosplay. When you can shamelessly dress up as your hero.

I’ve interviewed Cosplay ‘artsits’ at the SMASH (Sydney Manga Anime Show) last year, and now I’m ready to give it a go myself.

First things first!

I’ve purchased this. Yes, I’m happy to announce I’m going to dress up as Princess Peach when and where I can.

But, like Halloween, female cosplay usually means that girls can wear as little as they want and get away with it. Nay, be worshipped for it. I choose to not go down that path.

So after looking around a little I’ve decided on some possibilities!

My most favourite female character ever. Wise, demure, covered up! Just need to buy an ocarina…

Another female blonde character that kicks ass is Samus Aran

No need for wig or eye contacts with me! Win. But the rest of the costume looks insanely good.

I’ve always thought that Fran from FFXII not only sounded rad, but looked incredible. But I never thought anyone would be daring enough to cosplay her. Even more certain they wouldn’t be able to pull it off. How wrong I was.

Wowzers. This is definitely the fine line between showing off T&A and dressing to character. The truth is, she hasn’t altered the costume at all. This is what Fran wears. I’m actually jealous.

Sticking with the blonde theme, and because I religiously watched this show for a year every morning before school, I thought this one could be a winner. I’d actually learn the dance she does to transform. Hello glitter nail polish.

The closest thing I’ve done in cosplay so far was for my 21st birthday. The theme was ‘Cartoon, Comics and Computer Games’. Best ever. I wanted to go as something awesome, something that didn’t look like me remotely. Who did I go as?

Snow White! I got to have short black hair with a fringe, something I’d never even dreamed of before. All I know is that no matter what I do for cosplay, I’m doing something well if I look better than this guy



New images for my myspace page. Add me! myspace.com/maudegarrett

FBi playlist for AUG 24

Here’s my FBi playlist!


Lovers Electric – Honey

Department of Eagles – While were young

I Heart Hiroshima – Pink Frost

The National – Afraid of Everyone

John Steele Singers – Evolution

The Roots – Web

Marina and the Diamonds – Oh No!

Operator Please – Catapult

We Are Scientists – Lets See it

Klaxons – Flashover

Kids at Risk – Sugar

The Holidays – Golden Sky

Band of Skulls – Honest

Slow Club – When I Go

Rapids – Gamble for it

Local Natives – Sun Hands

Sleigh Bells – Riot Rythm

Belle and Sebastian – Funny Little Frog

Jezabels – Easy to Love

Washington – Clementine

The Northern Key – Proof

Boy and Bear – Rabbit Song

XX – Heart Skipped a Beat

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero – Home

FBi playlist

FBi playlist.


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