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8-bit tie!!!

How good is this!?

Geeks will be fighting over fashion for what may be the first time in order to get their hands on this 8-bit tie.

Best part is, my friend Jess (who pretty much wrote/produced Camp Orange: Final Frontier with me) has started up her very own website where she is importing the best finds on the internet RIGHT HERE on www.materialist.com.au which means many awesome, crazy, whacky presents (such as the 8-bit tie) that NO ONE ELSE knows about, and NO ONE ELSE would think about, are all here in the one little website.

It’s all early days, but you can email her now (email is on the website) to order your very own 8-bit tie! Comes in red and blue.

I’m looking forward to seeing what other rad little trinkets and treasures Jess discovers on the big bad web to import to us thirsty nerd people.

It seriously is the place to go when you want to buy a gift for the person who has everything.

Best of luck to Jess and materialist.com.au!

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One response

  1. I love this!


    September 12, 2010 at 10:35 pm

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