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If I do say so myself…

I got at least… what… 3 feet of air that time~

Project Pose

I recently helped a good friend with her design project. She needed a model. I gave it a go.


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Shotgun Cinema leak

The shit I go through for something I believe in

Flashback Bomb

Ahhhh yes. The day that the Aussie papers wrote about my photo bombing escapades. The date was May 20, 2010 – a particularly slow news day.

They linked the column to this blog, racking up a whistle-worthy 5,500 hits.

To see the rest of the article, click here

The best part were the comments. Always one to take the good with the bad, I found these to be hilarious. Special mention to Jack of Brisbane (although my parents, sorry to say, hate you).

  • Bigchefjay of Blacktown Posted at 12:26 AM May 20, 2010

    This is fantastic! What a true believer in the Garret legacy? Uncle Pete “üsed to” be like this,but,unfortunately……….Good on you Maude,love your work.

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  • TimD of Sydney Posted at 1:14 AM May 20, 2010

    That’s hilarious. Goodonya, Maude. LOL

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  • Mr. Grey of Central coast Posted at 1:16 AM May 20, 2010

    What a disgrace! Her insatiable desire to be noticed has her ruin the photo’s of others and she thinks it acceptable behavior. I hope one day she does it to the wrong person and they give her a severe reprimand or worse. Her need for attention obviously runs in the family, I can remember Peter Garrett would do anything for attention also. The cause never matters as much as the attention.

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  • MG of Toowoomba Posted at 4:15 AM May 20, 2010

    She does to people’s photos what her dad does to Government. Policybombing, lol.

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  • Lou lou of Fiji Islands Posted at 6:23 AM May 20, 2010

    Hey that’s cool Maude! How about a Blue Steel look next time :)

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  • Kyle of Mars Posted at 6:32 AM May 20, 2010

    Maude i think you are absolutely brilliant…and to tell the truth, the pics are actually a lot more interesting with YOU in them…now, where can i get your phone number??

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  • mary Posted at 7:12 AM May 20, 2010

    What an immature, childish pratt………..

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  • Jack of Brisbane Posted at 7:15 AM May 20, 2010

    Why did her parents call her Maude..? Do they hate her..?

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Recent bombings

Cleo Swimsuit Party @ Ivy

Sorry Nikki, this is the second time I’ve bombed you. It’s your fault for being too good looking. Note the balancing act holding Nikki’s champagne and my water. Multi-tasking at its finest.

Pic via Sassi Sam

Loving the unintentional bomber to the left too – respect.

Pic via Life Without Andy

Gracie Otto (on the left) loves a good bombing. I managed to bomb them twice, the second time I actually grabbed some of the poor girl on the rights hair and sniffed it. To her credit, she did not even turn around to give me a dirty look. Kudos. That could have been a hard one to talk my way out of.

What is Shotgun Cinema?

‘Scuse the hell lag

But enjoy

…Or don’t enjoy. It scares me too.



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