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My top 5 FUNNIEST Youtube videos

I spend a fair bit of time perusing the glories of the web. Youtube, of course, gets a thrashing.

Therefore I have compiled a top 5 of the funniest youtube videos OUT THERE (imo).

#5 Dave after the Dentist

Ah little Dave, you just got your tooth out at the dentist. What’s that? You were anaesthetised? And you’re out of it? QUICK DAD! GET THE CAMERA!

This is totally preparing the kid for a huge drug-riddled trip.

Best quotes:

“Is this real life?”

“Why is this happening?”

#4 Nintendo 64

I – too – went nuts when Dad brought home a Nintendo 64 in 1996. But nothing like these kids.

The first bit of the clip is the kids insane reaction. The next bit? Well, someone remixed the shit out of it. And that, to me, is so much freaking funnier!

#3 Lady stomping grapes.

2 ladies, in buckets, stomping grapes to win a night at a hotel, on live TV. What could possibly go wrong? Well, how bout this lady stacks it so bad, then makes the worlds funniest pain noises you’ve ever heard. Even Family Guy did a take off on this.

Every time I stub my toe or hurt myself in anyway – these are the noises I make.

WATCH OUT FOR: the  reactions of the show hosts when they cut back to the studio

“Oh boy, I think she’s actually hurt”

# 2 Talking Cat

Animals. They’re everywhere on Youtube. Whether it’s the too-cute-kitties or the dog that can do maths. But the talking ones get me. ESPECIALLY when someone puts subtitles on the video of what the cat sounds like it’s actually saying!

Sure, this isn’t what cats usually sound like, which is what makes this vid so damn good.

#1 Leeroy Jenkins

Ahhh welcome to World of Warcraft. Sure, this video is about 7999247599000 times funnier if you’ve played the game, but I still find myself giggling uncontrollably every time I see it.

THE BEST PARTS of this video are the fact that THIS is what gamers ACTUALLY sound like when playing! Everyone has their microphones on, all plotting and planning to strategically beat the common enemy. Here we have a sizeable group of WoWers about to embark on a huge quest – hence the lead guy going through the plan.

I absolutely love it when he asks: “Can you give a number crunch real quick?” and there is a guy there that A) knows he’s being addressed and B) knows that this means he has to calculate their chances of survival (that is sooo C3PO).

His answer? “32.33 (REPEATING, OF COURSE) percentage of survival”

The response? “Well that’s a whole lot better than we usually do”

Too good.

But yes, it gets better. Leeroy Jenkins is sick of the prep. He’s over it. He wants blood. So, upon yelling his name – he charges in – and shit hits the fan.

Quotes to look out for include:

“Goddamn it Leeroy!”

“Why do you do this shit Leeroy?”

“It’s not my fault”

“Leeroy you are just stupid as hell”

“At least I have chicken”


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One response

  1. Marcus

    Go Leeroy … lol

    February 1, 2011 at 9:45 pm

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