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Dark side

My love for awesome Star Wars apparel  has hit an all time high with the discovery of these beauties.

Be still my beating heart.

Safe to say I’ve gone on a purchasing frenzy!

The label Black Milk is what my clothing fantasies are made of. Take this swimsuit for example (which I will be wearing as a top with a skirt over)

But wait – there’s more

I’m so broke now


We got a bleeder

How sick is the iPAD case! It’s so absorbing.

Star wars tees make me happy

Can you kick it with Wickett?

Storm Trooper


Holiday tech gift ideas

I wrote a little guide of what to buy for the chic geek in your life for chrissy.

Check it out at TheVine here!

Just press play


For the Summer30 I was sent to stunt school with the kids of the movie Tomorrow When the War Began for the release of their DVD.

My god it was fun. I had a crash course in how to ride the ATV – All Terrain Vehicle. I picked it up pretty quickly and took the thing off-road. I was joined by Lincoln and Ashley from the movie. Linc has been riding on ATV’s for about 2 years, so I decided to egg him on,  run up his ass and overtake him. Poor Ash felt the pressure of our rampage and tried to go a little faster. After running off road and into the bushes within the first 15 metres it probably wasn’t too smart. She ended up clocking air over a bump, ramming on the accelerator and crashing into a tree – flipping the ATV. So heavy. So stunt-like. So very, very real. I went into hero mode, running to get help. But Ash just walked away from the crash. What a trooper.

Lincoln, Phoebe, Me, Ash, Deniz, Andrew

Zachary Levi & Mandy Moore

For the Summer30 countdown I was fortunate enough to interview two amazingly nice and talented actors who voice the main characters in Disney’s new computer-animated movie ‘Tangled’.

Mandy Moore, who plays Rapunzel, was so lovely and angelic. Zachary Levi, who stars in Chuck, is what dreams are made of. This is because he mentioned Xbox, Fable 3, Lightsabers, Rebel alliance and Empire, and Call of Duty: Black Ops in the last few minutes of the interview we shared. He’s a total geek, and I love it. Dream guy.

Here are some pics from the shoot – LOVE it how Zach bombs. So I get him back, bad.

Pole Dancing with Justice Crew

Recently for the Summer30 I went Pole Dancing. I dragged Matty along and made him wear my shorty shorts and a cami. My mistake. He looked tragic. But good on him for giving it a go! He brought along Justice Crew for fear of being the only guy pole dancing. The challenge was to see if our instructor, Chille, was better than the best dancers in the country.

The pics speak for themselves.

Me = not a good pole dancer. Apparently you need something called ‘upper-body strength’ which is something I do not have.

Summer30 Countdown

Wow – who’d have thought for the next 2 weeks I’d be on air nationally from 7.30-10? Taking over Charlie and Pagey on the Hot30 Countdown, the Summer30 is hotter, crazier and is stuffed with celeb spottings and gossip.

Matty Acton and I are on in Brisbane – B105, Melbourne Fox FM, South Australia SAFM, Perth 92.9FM, Newcastle NXFM and Canberra 104.7

Lucky for Sydney listeners, they can catch Matty and I on TheDirt from 7pm!

Each night we count down the hottest songs from 30-1 voted in by you on 1800 15 11 00

Recently American singer Wynter Gordon came into the studios – here are some snaps

One eye forward, one eye looking at my soul

Freak bomb


Will it or won’t it be any good?

Where on earth can she be?

What a beautiful concept


Dose of Shotgun

Marc’s eyes at the end are the best.

WHAT IS SHOTGUN?? Find out 2011

Christmas wish list

It’ll only cost $200,000…

Stab Party


Number crunch

There’s geek… and then there’s nerdishly geeky to the power of infinity


Not really into bad American shows.
But DAYUM this guy – Ian Harding – who plays the new English teacher is a freaking babe.

A scene from the pilot of Pretty Little Liars.


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