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Greatest Zelda painting of ALL TIME


What an epic cartoon from my past.

I’m loving that many of the 80’s cartoons are getting ressurected and given new life 2 decades later. It happened with Transformers – whether it was done well or not remains up in the air – and it’s happening now with ThunderCats and Voltron.

Nickelodeon are taking the honours with Voltron – I really hope they continue to capture the darkness of the series – not make it tacky/kiddy like Power Rangers.

Cartoon Network are reviving ThunderCats – which is far more exciting for me! Apparently a CGI movie was in the works – but was dropped because of the series.

The trailer that has been leaked before it’s supposed 2012 release is a lot different than I was expecting. Lion’O looks VERY different – less lion and more human. I’m loving his tongue-in-cheek humour though, especially at the end.

The animated series is looking VERY anime – but that’s the trend in cartoons at the moment. Lion’O looks hot. Yes, I said it, I think cartoons can be hot. I’m disappointed with Panthro’s appearance – has he gained loads of weight and muscle? It’s as if those cartoons need the bulky dumb guy who has a large weapon – which shouldn’t be Panthro – the older, wise member of the group who’s neck isn’t as thick as a truck. Also, it looks like he’s balding in the most unfortunate way. Hmpf.


Next, I’m sure we can expect the adventure of He-Man and She-Ra to come back, no?

Hot30 Countdown so far…

I haven’t even done a week at the Hot30 yet, and already I’ve chatted to so many stars!

So far Matty & I chat with Jayma Mays who plays Emily Pilsbury, the guidence counsellor on Glee.

We had two of the River Boys from Home & Away help co-host the show mid-week (much to the gratitude of many staff members here)

Matty & I also chatted on the phone with the one and only Nelly, who spoke about his 10 year career and working with so many great artists including Kelly Rowland and Chris Brown.

Jebediah came in for a chat too!

Jessie J called in live during our show last night, and lost it when she found out a listener wanted to get her ‘heart’ tattooed on his chest!

We had Mike Posner come into the studio to help co-host the show, and found out that he loved getting a head massage with my nails. A lot.

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Interested to see how this one ends up

Hello Beast.

Pixilated Gold


Proud Mum Moment

How bloody cute is my dog!


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