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Whirlwind trip

I’m writing this, currently stranded in Singapore.


Well I’m on stand-by for a connecting flight to London. The flight was full last night. I found this out at 11.45pm, so had to figure out where to stay in a place I’d never been to before in my life. A place I’m now discovering BY MYSELF.

It’s freaky to be stranded in a country you didn’t expect to be, with weather you weren’t prepared for – alone. I’m riding solo so bad both Jason Derulo and Han are green with envy.

The first hotel I stayed in (after walking up and down 5 blocks for 2 hours in the middle of the night trying to find the best deal) was a DIVE. AN $80 DIVE.

Even though it barely fit the double bed aka block of cement and had NO windows, and the bathroom was a toilet, basin and ahower nozzle attached to the wall so that it sprayed over the entire box of a room when it was turned on…. they gave me fre wifi.

Which led me to find THIS PLACE.

Betel Box – what a little beauty of a backpackers! $25 for a bed, fun communal area, free wifi, FRIENDLIEST STAFF! Makes such a difference when the staff actually want to help you.

I met Teresa (pictured) and Steve who helped me out so much. They told me all about the area, what they offer and the ins and outs of the place.

So this dark and awful cloud had a silver lining.

Trying for London again tonight. Will keep you posted!



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One response

  1. bl4d3mag3

    This fan is glad you’re okay.
    Trust in the force and there will always be a silver lining, and if there’s ever a time when you can’t see one just think of what Yoda would do(excluding dying and back flips of course).

    April 12, 2012 at 11:48 pm

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