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I landed back in Sydney from LA on Saturday and by Sunday I was headed straight to Supanova with a giddy expression on my face. These types of conventions delight me. I spend the entire time commenting when/where/why I became into the things I saw. Whether it was Magic: The Gathering (played with my bro’s when I was 9), the live wrestling match happening in a ring (my brother decided he was obsessed with it, so built a ring in the backyard and filmed him & his mates wrestling) or the cosplay characters I saw.

Which is essentially what this post is about. COSPLAY. I snapped on my trusty camera phone as many of the cosplay artists I could find. Apologies for the crummy photography.



Ages ago I wrote tips on how to be a professional photo bomber. I’ve updated the pics with recent bombs I’ve done.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010
I’m the Photo BOMB!

For the last few months I’ve taken a challenge to myself to become a professional photo bomber. It happened by accident; I was asked to step aside for a photo so that my friend could pose, so in retaliation I bombed the background of the pic with a revolting, distorted look on my face. Instant success. Ever since, I have not taken the art of photo bombing lightly one bit. I’ve been thrusting myself into the background of as many photos as I can, pulling the worst faces known to man. I feel my reputation is really taking off, as people now know to add me and tag me into these photos. I figure, why be in a good photo, when I can destroy a good photo?

I’ve compiled a collection of some of my better photo bombs, and have created a simple step-by-step formula to excel your photo bombing prowess.

Whenever a photo is being taken – it is usually of a group of people. Keep your eyes peeled when scanning the room for a staged group shot. Tip – group shots tend to be side by side, therefore position yourself neatly behind.

You can’t tell the person you’re going to photobomb their photo. They shouldn’t know what your intentions are. In fact, they shouldn’t see you at all. Your biggest threat of discovery is by the person taking the photo. They’re looking at the people they’re taking the photo of, so avoid eye contact with them. It also helps if their is a pillar or another person to stand behind for a cover. Tip – wander around either with a purpose or like you’re lost into the back ground. Do not look at the camera until the very last second. The person taking the photo usually does a count down – listen out for this. IMPORTANT – as soon as the picture is taken WALK AWAY. View from a distance when they all look at the camera to check the shot (no one can take a photo and not look at it straight after these days!) so you need to be out of sight by the time this happens.

When you’ve established your prime position and are listening to the count down – think of what face you’re going to pull. Never smile, it looks like you’re chiming in. The face you pull really determines the level of photo bombing you wish to pursue. Opt for something disgusting, outrageous or just plain feral. This will make sure you stand out, and that you’ve completely ruined a good photo.

This last step is to be attempted once all the other steps are mastered. It is now time to go above and beyond the act of photo bombing. Try out a few new moves, all whilst maintaining a high standard of stealth. ‘New Moves’ may include jumping in the background of the shot, looking like you’re actually supposed to be in the shot by joining on at one side (simply walk past the group shot, stop for the photo, then continue walking), looking like you’re going to be sick in someone’s hair, or trying out a double bomb (you + a mate). TIP – if you get caught, act like you’re completely unaware of what is happening. Have a prepared cover up story, like trying to find the toilets, or looking for a mate.

If you’ve done an epic photobomb, I’d love to see it!


The T-Shirt Diaries of E3

I’ve just experienced my very first E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo). If I had to guess, I doubt anyone really focused on the ‘fashions’ of this convention.

But when you think about it, this is the one event where geeks and nerds everywhere get to dust of their favourite Tee-Shirt and rock it with conviction. So I took it on myself to scout for every wicked tee I saw and take a snap.

I present to you – THE T-SHIRT DIARIES

I’ll start with these. 


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