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I landed back in Sydney from LA on Saturday and by Sunday I was headed straight to Supanova with a giddy expression on my face. These types of conventions delight me. I spend the entire time commenting when/where/why I became into the things I saw. Whether it was Magic: The Gathering (played with my bro’s when I was 9), the live wrestling match happening in a ring (my brother decided he was obsessed with it, so built a ring in the backyard and filmed him & his mates wrestling) or the cosplay characters I saw.

Which is essentially what this post is about. COSPLAY. I snapped on my trusty camera phone as many of the cosplay artists I could find. Apologies for the crummy photography.


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2 responses

  1. bl4d3mag3

    Supanova was damned awesome!
    Did you see master chief?
    My friends and I hired a bus and travelling 8 hours and rented a couple rooms to get to Supanova, it was worth it just to see all the awesome cosplayers and for the magic cards at Good Games. I spent a lot of money and bought a couple of katana.
    If you know anime you may know the show called Bleach and the main character Ichigo, I bought his sword, black steel with an awesome chain on the end.

    How awesome were the furries?!
    I presume they talked to you, there mouths moved properly which I found epic!!!
    One of them in that group made all of them from scratch!!!

    oh and your Tusken Raider pic was photo bombed by the way :P

    June 25, 2012 at 1:45 pm

  2. Blayne Cuzner

    I was at Supanova too !
    It was super mega awesome cool, I went as my own character (a wizard)
    …spent way too much money and had to buy a couple of swords, so shiny.
    I went to Armageddon in Melbourne October last year but it was half the size of Supanova. You can’t really tell how big it was from these pics but when I was there it took five minutes to move five metres.

    My friends and I are planning to go to Supanova in Brisbane in 2014 and we’re all going steampunk style.

    oh did you see Christopher Paolini, don’t know if you read inheritance series, but he was there, I got him to sign my misprinted book, it didn’t have the title printed properly muhuhehhahe collectors item.

    OH on another note did you notice the tusken raider pic you took was photo bombed, though the face pulled is not as effective as the face you usually pull, I still find it hilarious that the master of photo bombing was photo bombed :P unless of course you knew it was being bombed…

    Super fun talking about Supanova, can’t wait for whichever convention I go to next.

    June 25, 2012 at 1:36 pm

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